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    We can have your EstateMate application up and running within a matter of hours, and we are entirely confident that our app will change your life and the way your estate connects residents and management.

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    Our app is completely customisable and we can package the app to suit the needs of management, residents, service providers and everyone else involved.

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    A Connected Community

    Eliminate disconnection and miscommunication between management and residents. Communicate through the mobile app and provide a bigger and better service than ever before.

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    A Two Way System

    Management can communicate with residents, and they can communicate back. This two-way communication on this mobile app removes the need for phone numbers, email addresses and conversation tracking.

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Convenient Property Management

Without Compromising Your Customer Service

We understand more than anyone how difficult it can be for residential estates and complexes to maintain a high level of communication between residents and the management,with this mobile application the daily frustrations and delayed responses will be a thing of the past.Improve the reputation of your estate or complex and its management by using this app. Managing estates and complexes has never been this simple and convenient

Packed with amazing features

  • Live ChatFunctionality
  • Push Notifications
  • Up To Date Residential Information
  • Complex Information
  • Access to Authorised Service Providers
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Live Chat for Faster and Clearer Communication

Our live chat function allows you to contact management as a resident, as well as allowing the management to immediately respond on the subject matter. This can all be done as soon as the app is opened, with no waiting times, on-hold phone calls or delayed emails. As management you can even forward your messages to the management app group if the issue is to be discussed, so everyone can have their say.

Simplified Reporting Capabilities

There are so many things that this application can do. As a resident, you can report anything you need, whether it is a security issue, maintenance concern or even a complaint. When this has been done, the management team is then immediately notified and this allows the issue to be dealt with accordingly, then and there. This app removes constant miscommunications and it allows property owners and tenants to address property issues efficiently and with ease resulting in a better managed estate. It really is that simple and convenient, and our team will gladly show you how it all works.

Our App Is The Ultimate Property Management Tool! Need Convincing? Contact Us And We Will Gladly Tell You More.

  • Complex Information

    Access all your estate or complex information with the tap of a button.

  • Service Providers

    Need a quote? Find management approved service providers at your fingertips and get quotes immediately.

  • Push Notifications

    Send, Receive and Schedule notifications as and when they are needed, improving communication to your residents.

  • Design

    Our app design is simple and easy to use. The perfect balance of design and functionality.

  • Responsive

    No more delays. Our app is live and lightning fast from the second it's installed.

  • Documented

    Need a paper trail? Rely on our platform to track and store all communication giving you immediate access to all activity in your estate or complex.

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  • Excellent Features

    Our application is loaded with the latest technology and functionality providing a value-added service for any property management company.

  • Real Time

    Get notifications in real time, as and when they happen.

  • Easy to Setup

    Our team will come and get your estate or complex started, as well as showing you how it all works.

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EstateMate's main focus is fostering and developing partnerships in the property management industry. By aligning ourselves with property management companies we can develop the management tools to improve estate living.

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From packaging the app with features and functionality to suit your estate or complex; or White labelling our app with your brand, making the app your own.

Custom Package
  • Contact Us and let us make this app to suit your estate needs.
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White Label
  • Want to keep your estate or management brand? Contact us to create your very own property management app.
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